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Nerd Poker

Mar 30, 2021

Our intrepid Cuties continue their combat with the vicious Pandemonium beast, seeking answers as to why all these monks are getting killed. Hopefully Danny won't feel too bad about what happens to Nathan as Chris Tallman portrays sorrow in the saddest of voices.

Mar 23, 2021

The Castaway Cuties are headed to another dimension (another dimension, another dimension) to help out the Davenglaven monk situation, and it looks like things are gonna get real messy. We can only hope that the otherworldly howling won't upset Nathan's delicate bunny ears too much (or make him act demonic again like...

Mar 16, 2021

With a new possibly wealthy patron in tow (who might just be a demon creature) the Castaway Cuties must decide how to follow up their exploits over at the giant trans-dimensional duck junk thing. Their destiny awaits, and also, probably a big scary battle!

Mar 9, 2021

Toody went for a little swim in the dark cavernous waters beneath the Leviathan's Spiral, only to get an innocent little tug on the leg of his armor. Probably something super cheery and not evil or slimy at all! RIGHT?

Mar 2, 2021

Sure, the Castaway Cuties just mashed a villain, but do you think they'll be satisfied with his horde of loot? Oh, no, not in the slightest! Every square inch of the den of this reptilian ne'er-do-well is about to get looted by none other than this crew of kind goofs.